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Health and wellbeing begins between the ears

Health and wellbeing begins between the ears
That’s the slogan for Men’s Health Week, which runs from 15th-21st June. This year it focuses on how you can beat stress.

Too much stress can damage your immune system and heart.

Too much stress can damage your immune system and heart, and increase your chances of serious health problems. Stress can also cause mental health problems which, if unchecked, can also be serious. About three quarters of the people treated for depression are women, but about three quarters of the people who commit suicide are men.

A relentless build-up of pressure, without the opportunity to recover, can lead to harmful stress. The important thing is to recognise the warning signs and do something about it. Common signs are:

• Eating more or less than normal
• Mood swings
• Low self-esteem
• Feeling tense or anxious
• Not sleeping properly
• Feeling tired and lacking in energy
• Withdrawing from family and friends

You can find out more about how to beat stress at the Men’s Health Forum – www.menshealthforum.org.uk

Men’s health in focus

Men’s Health Week recently took place Since men are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol to hazardous levels and be overweight or obese the focus is on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy dad

The sad fact is that one in five men don’t make it to retirement age. The biggest single cause of death in men is cancer, and 75% of premature deaths from coronary heart disease among men.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital for avoiding these sorts of diseases, yet men are more likely than women to smoke and drink alcohol at hazardous levels. Over 65% of men are overweight or obese. Participation in activity amongst men declines with age: 83% of men aged 16-24 met the recommendations for physical activity, compared with 57% aged 65-74.

Think about this next time you grumble about the failing NHS. Are you part of the problem?


Medicines that help treat baldness

Although hair loss rarely needs to be treated, many people seek treatment for cosmetic reasons.

In some cases the loss may be temporary if for example, it is due to chemotherapy. If it is caused by an infection or underlying condition, such as lupus, treating the problem may prevent further hair loss.

Men’s hair loss

Two licensed medicines for treating male pattern baldness are available from your local pharmacy, but you cannot get either on the NHS.

Propecia (containing finasteride) comes as a tablet is taken daily, but you might have to take it for up to six months before seeing any effects.

Regaine (containing minoxidil) is available as a lotion which is massaged daily onto the scalp. It also needs to be used for several months before any effect is seen.

Minoxidil is also licensed for female pattern baldness, but is only effective for one in four women.

With both products any improvements will be reversed when the medication is stopped. Ask for further advice at the pharmacy if you want to try either product.