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Got a leaky bladder – you are in good company

A leaky bladder –or urinary incontinence, to give it the medical name – affects around a third of women. It is more likely to occur with increasing age, and is caused by a number of underlying health problems.

Urinary incontinence ?

While it is rarely life-threatening, it can awkward and unpleasant. It is also thought that many women are too embarrassed to seek advice, or they do not know what treatments are available.

Urinary incontinence can be brought on by stress (physical or emotional), urgency (a sudden need to urinate) or an overactive bladder. Keeping a ‘bladder diary ’and recording when leakage occurs can help your pharmacist to provide the most appropriate advice and products.

Lifestyle changes are important as they can improve symptoms. As a first step bladder training for a minimum of 6 weeks is now recommended. This should include advice on the amount and types of fluids to drink, and coping strategies to reduce urgency. Pelvic floor exercises may also be included.

Absorbent pads can provide security and comfort and help you continue with normal activities. A variety of such products will be available from your pharmacy, along with practical advice n their use.