Your satisfaction is the lifeblood of our business
Help with stopping smoking
I have finally given up the evil weed and could not have done it without the help and support of this chemist. I could not praise them enough knowing that they have probably added a few years to my life!
Excellent advice
I had cause to go to my local pharmacy with what I felt was an embarrassing issue, I have been suffering from a very dry scalp and feel very conscious about it. I have tried the usual remedies but the problem persisted, the staff recommended Capasal along with another shampoo and conditioner. Whilst I still suffer from this condition I feel it has improved to the point I'm less self conscious about it. They also advised me that Capasal was available on prescription but if I paid for my prescriptions then it would be cheaper over the counter.
Superb service
The staff at ackers have been extremely helpful during a diificult hospital discharge and new prescription issue. Thank you Ackers, you go above and beyond for your customers. Thank you.
Excellent service received from Ackers Chemists
I had a major operation three weeks ago and had an infection later on. I was unable to collect my medications from my GP because it was out of the area. However, with the free medication home delivery service offered by Ackers Chemists, I was able to have my medications delivered to my address on time and all the members of staff where very friendly and professional, which made my recovery bearable. My daughter aged 10 recently had a tooth ache and our local dentist was not open on the day. I spoke to the Pharmacist at Ackers Chemists, who came out to attend to my daughter even though he was very busy. They gave us some temporary pain relieve medications and informed us to see our local dentist the next day. I explained that I was not aware of their opening times and they informed us of their opening times and days which was excellent. All the members of staff who attended to us were so kiind, understanding and patient. What toched us most was that they went out of their way to attend to our needs and showed us empathy. We would recommend Acker Chemist to anyone at all times. All members of staff are lovely and professional. Well done and excellent service received!!!!
The very best pharmacy
If you want a great pharmacy look no further than Ackers in Swanscombe. The staff are knowledgeable, efficient & friendly, and always do their best to help. I have used this pharmacy for over 7 years since I moved to the area. I remember being amazed at my first visit that they made up a prescription in just a few minutes - where I lived previously you had to go back at least 2 days later. As someone who needs a repeat prescription monthly, it's easy with Ackers - I just phone them, they put the request into the Dr's surgery and collect it once ready, and I call in to collect the medication a few days later. However, what I like & appreciate most is that the staff don't treat you as 'just another customer'; it's nice to be addressed by name (which I don't have to tell them) and treated as an individual. I'm now moving away from the area - and will count myself lucky if I find another pharmacy that gets even close to Ackers' standard of service. They're the best!
Excellent services, as always
I've been using Lane & Stedmans for year and never being turned down, even once. They always try their best to get my medications on time. They do offer a free prescription collection, which I find out quite useful and it does save me much time dealing with the surgery!! And the staffs are friendly with a very good manner, willing to help all the time.
Excellent service
I use the Lane and Stedman branch in Western Road, Hove, and the service is excellent. The staff are always friendly and the prescription collection and delivery service is really useful. They will go out of their way to make sure you get medication delivered to your home as fast as possible.