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Diabetic? The talk hypos with your pharmacist

If you have diabetes, you are being encouraged to ‘TALK hypos’ with your pharmacist or GP as part of a campaign supported by insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk and Diabetes UK. The campaign, which coincides with Hypo Awareness Week (Sept 29-Oct 5), is designed to help people recognise and manage hypoglycaemia, one of the most common complications of diabetes.

Talk to your Pharamacist

TALK is a quick reminder of the important points:

• THINK: do you know what a hypo is? Do you suffer from hypos?
• ASK: your doctor or pharmacist about hypos and discuss them when you next speak to them
• LEARN: what can be done to better manage your hypos – this could be changes to lifestyle, as well as treatment options
• KEEP: track of your hypos so that you are well prepared when you talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

If people often experience hypos and are reluctant to sort them out, there can be a temptation to \’self-treat\’ by making changes to their usual medicines routine. This, in turn, can result in poor diabetes control and related complications. So, if you have diabetes, then remember to TALK…