The c-card scheme. Free condoms for young people.

The Family Planning Association estimates treatment of sexually transmitted infections such chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis cost the NHS approximately £620 million in 2014….

Be safe. Be sure. Carry a condom.

…which might be why the health watchdog NICE is urging local councils to increase the availability of condoms to people most at risk of sexually transmitted infections. Condom distribution schemes are a cheap and effective way to tackle rising STI rates.

Approximately 435,000 sexually transmitted infections were diagnosed in England in 2015, including 200,000 cases of chlamydia. Whilst chlamydia rates have fallen, rates of syphilis and gonorrhoea have risen by 76% and 53% respectively between 2012 and 2015.

Condom schemes for young people up to age 25 that include advice, support and information are available through many pharmacies, so check out your local pharmacy if you are not sure.

The most common scheme for young people in the England is the C-card scheme, where young people are given cards for their wallets, like an organ donor card, entitling them to free condoms.