NHS goes transparent

MyNHS is a new site on NHS Choices where you can look up the performance of your local NHS hospital, care services and local authority.

father and son playing on a computer

MyNHS includes simple, searchable data on topics as diverse as hospital food quality, staffing, patient safety and consultant outcome data. From early December you will also be able to see the Care Quality Commission’s individual risk rating your GP practice. Over time, more data will be added, including 1-year and 5-year cancer survival rates for NHS trusts.

Last month it was also announced that integrated health and early years reviews for 2 to 2-and-a-half-year-olds are to rolled out next year, with the aim of giving parents a more complete picture of their child.

Age 2 is a key development point where problems such as speech delay and behavioural issues emerge. Integrating these assessments will help avoid duplication and work towards giving parents the support they need, says the government.