Getting men to shed the pounds…

The overweight male is the target of the latest guide from the Men’s Health Forum. It highlights that almost two thirds of men are overweight or obese, compared with just over half of women. Despite this, only 10%–30% of participants on weight-management programmes are male.

Men prefer exercise to rigid diets

For those ladies wishing to encourage the man in their life to lose a few pounds please note that men prefer weight loss programmes that include physical activity, and dislike “strict” diets.

Although men are significantly less likely than women to join weight-loss programmes, once recruited they are less likely than women to drop out. Middle-aged men in particular are more motivated to lose weight once they become aware that they have a problem with their health. Knowing that weight loss may prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes – or improve erectile function – seems to have an effect!

It’s a question of knowing which button to press. Our pharmacies offer advice on weight management, or can signpost you to local services if you are not sure where to start.