Beware of driving risks if you get hayfever…

Have you noticed you have been sniffing and sneezing a bit over the past few weeks? Runny nose? Eyes a bit itchy? You may be suffering from hayfever brought on by tree pollen, the first pollen type to peak during the year.

Keep some tissues in the car

Many hay fever sufferers jump into their cars poorly prepared for their journey. Your local pharmacy can help you reduce the dangers of driving by taking proper precautions.
Choosing the right anti-histamine is highly important as some older, yet popular, brands can make you drowsy. Ask your pharmacist for long acting, non-sedating antihistamine.

Treat watery eyes before driving You need to be able to see where you are going so use anti-allergy eye drops before getting behind the wheel. Again, ask one of our pharmacists for an appropriate product.

Keep tissues handy. A sudden sneeze or a continuous running nose can be annoying and easily distract a driver. So don’t forget to pick up a pack of tissues to keep in the car.